DecorRack 28 Cleaning Scrub Sponges for Kitchen, Dishes, Bathroom, Car Wash, One Scouring Scrubbing One Absorbent Side, Abrasive Scrubber Sponge Dish Pads, Heavy Duty, Green Yellow (Pack of 28)
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  • Great Value! Set of 28 Cleaning Dishwashing Sponges with Scour Abrasive and Absorbent Side, Sponge Size 3.5 x 2.5 Inch
  • Essential Kitchen Cleaning Supplies Tools, Double Sided Sponge Has One Non Scratch Soft Spongy Side and One Rough Scouring Scrubber Pad
  • Multi Purpose Small Household Sponges Perfect for Washing Dishes, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bathtub, Tiles, Car Wash, Garden, Dog and Cat Bowls, Scrub Pad Removes Tough Dirty from Pots and Pans, Reverse Non Scratch Sponge Gentle Clean and Wipe and will not Scratch Your Delicate Sink, Stove and Counters
  • Durable Everyday Dish Sponge with Powerful Scrub Pad is Perfect for Abrasive Cleaning and Scrubbing Everything and Everywhere, Easy Removes Hard Dirt and Grease, Also Ideal as Grout Polishing Sponge
  • Versatile Affordable Surface Cleaning Sponge with Anti Odor Bacteria Resistant Material, Easy to Sanitize in Dishwasher for Lasting Use

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Color:14 Pack Yellow



D e c o r R a c k  

DecorRack 14 Cleaning Scrub Sponges for Kitchen, Dishes, Bathroom, Car Wash, One Scouring Scrubbing One Absorbent Side, Abrasive Scrubber Sponge Dish Pads, Heavy Duty in Yellow Green Color (Pack of 14)

• Great Value! Set of 14 cleaning dishwashing sponges with scour abrasive and absorbent side, sponge size 3.5 x 2.5 inch

• Essential kitchen cleaning supplies tools, double sided sponge has one non scratch soft spongy side and one rough scouring scrubber pad

• Multi purpose small household sponges for washing dishes, kitchen, bathroom, tub, utensils, mirrors, windows, car wash, garden, dog and cat bowls, scrub pad removes tough dirty from pots and pans and is perfect for tight spaces, reverse non scratch sponge gentle clean and wipe and will not scratch your delicate sink, stove and counters

• Durable everyday dish sponge with powerful scrub pad is perfect for abrasive cleaning and scrubbing everything and everywhere, easily removes hard dirt and grease, also ideal as grout polishing sponge

• Versatile affordable surface cleaning sponge in bulk with no odor, bacteria resistant material, do not use on teflon or highly polished surfaces, easy to sanitize in dishwasher for lasting use


Single use sponges

Sponges are basically single use, but it is to be expected for a .35 sponge. After one use, they start to fall apart, but for that one or two uses, they do the job. I use them for particularly greasy pans, or cleaning counter tops where I throw them away after they do their duty.

Lauren's Mom

Not very "scrubby" for dishes

pros: pretty colors, sponges are thick, soft, squishy and absorbent cons: too delicate for washing dishes or cleaning surfaces, need to use alot of "elbow grease" even with the scrubber side best use: clean delicate glassware, clean mirrors, maybe use as a bath sponge?


Little small, but there’s a ton of them

I’m a fan of the type of foam used in these sponges. They’re probably not for everyone, especially if you regularly do a lot of heavy cleaning, they may not hold up. However, for a small household of two people, this package of sponges are prefect and will probably last us over a year. For the price, that feels pretty fantastic. I’m happy with how they perform.


Most definitely will not be buying these ever again

These sponges are barely sponges. They are good for maybe 5 clean ups, then they are done. No wonder they are so cheap! I've already gone through half of them and I just got the package! Definitely do not recommend these. They don't even puff back up like normal sponges do after you quit squeezing them. Hugely disappointed in these. Sometimes a bargain really isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Bunny Lava

Great value for money with this pack, they last quite awhile!

These may not be the highest quality sponges but they get the job done! I primarily use them for washing dishes and some other miscellaneous, light cleaning. They might not last quite as long as a name brand sponge but you get so many at such a good price I think it's worth it. This is the second pack of these I've purchased and the first lasted for many months. I really don't think there's much of a difference between these and more expensive, name brand ones I used to buy. If I'm careful to squeeze out a sponge and set it somewhere to dry throughly between uses, I can get at least a few weeks out of each before they start to look pretty worn.

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