Travel Neck Pillow Memory Foam U Shaped Neck, It's Easy To Carry
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  • ★Durable Premium Memory Foam ---- Made of 100% viscoelastic polyurethane, Docamor U-shaped travel pillow is well-designed to support your neck, head and chin, ensuring a comfortable long or short travel experience. Long-lasting and more durable than the ordinary ones. Ideal choice for adults and children.
  • ★Ergonomic Design ---- Slightly curved back portion offers effective support and relief to your hindbrain that your head won’t lean forward. The sloped side portions make your chin fall completely into the neck pillow and the front pillow cavity will provide your chin with optimal support.
  • ★Detachable Washable Cover ---- Hidden-zippered design plus an appropriate combination of polyester and breathable mesh fabric, the neck pillow cover is easy to be removed and put on for machine-washing. Better to improve air circulation and avoid heat-retaining.
  • ★Adjustable Strap & Back-Set Pocket ---- Adjustable strap at the front part of the travel pillow makes it possible that the pillow suit different head and neck sizes. With pocket on the back of the neck pillow, you may set your mobiles to listen to music while taking a nap or something padding the pillow to make it more comfortable.
  • ★Portable Bonus Travel Pouch ---- The pillow can be easily rolled up into a pouch which is included in the package as a bonus for daily storage. Just pick it up and go anywhere you want to go.

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If you’ve got a long haul flight ahead of you, comfort is likely going to be your top priority. It can be almost impossible to sleep well on a flight, train or bus, but a high-quality travel pillow can make all the difference. Made of 100% polyurethane memory foam core, skin-friendly, breathable outer cover, Docamor’ neck pillow is an ideal choice to improve your trip or nap experience. This neck pillow is definitely a good fit for travelers with space concerns because it is compact and with a bonus travel pouch, you can just roll it into a small size one and go anywhere you want.

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Smart Ergonomic Design

The front pillow cavity provides your chins with optimal support while the raised arch holds your head upright. The back portion is slightly curved which offers effective relief to your neck that it won’t push your head forward. The sloped side portions ensure your face fall completely forward into the neck pillow more comfortably. Relax yourself at anytime and anywhere.

Breathable Mesh Fabric

The outer cover is combined with polyester and breathable mesh fabric which not only provides with a smooth touch to your skin but also is designed to improve air circulation and not retain hot. And the outer cover is removable and washable that makes cleaning a breeze and eliminating germs easy. You will never feel uncomfortable with it.

Easy to Care

With a hidden zipper, you can easily remove the cover and throw it in the wash to have it fresh for your next trip. The cover is machine washable (wash at or below 40°C). Tumble dry at low temperature. Do not bleach. Iron at low temperature. Please do not wash the memory foam core. Save you a lot of time and relax your hands.

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Compact and Portable

The plane pillow comes with a travel pouch which is included as bonuses for easily storage and you can just roll up your neck pillow to reduce its volume and put it inside your pouch and go anywhere you want, which is so easy and portable. Don’t hesitate to get one.

Adjustable Buckle Strap

The neck pillow embodies an adjustable strap at the front that can be used to make the pillow tighter or looser, which is ideal for both kids and adults. There is no need to worry about the size doesn’t fit your neck. You may get a comfortable fit and keep your neck pillow in place.

Elastic Back Pocket

Sometimes it may be difficult to find a place for your cellphone on a plane or a car while you’re sleeping. This elastic back pocket fits well to most smartphones and allows you to listen to music while taking a nap and should never worry about leaving it on the plane.



I used this as a brace at night in bed after having some medical issues. I know it is not what the intended usage is but it worked! Comfortable and I was able to sleep without turning on to my side.


Excellent for frequent flyers!

Just took this on two different flights and it was great! It even buckles on so you don't have to worry about it slipping out of place!


Not useful for me.

Sorry, not a fan of this at all. I tied it to the back of my backpack for traveling on plane and it was bulky. It wasn’t easy to roll up and put away. And it didn’t do anything different to my neck or hold my head in place any better than I can do by myself. All together I feel like this is just some kind of hype. I see a few other people with them and it just doesn’t do anything for me except make me look silly!! Hahahaah


Surprisingly compact when compressed into storage bag!

Knowing that this was a memory foam material, I expected it to be huge and difficult to pack away after being removed from the storage bag. Not the case! This is definitely way more compact than those neck pillows you see people carrying around the airport hanging on their backpacks. Once you unpack the pillow, just give it a few moments and it'll expand itself to the normal size. The cover is also much softer than anticipated (imagine a pillow cover made with well worn yoga pants). There are also no noticeable seams in the cover that'll bother your skin. There's a little clip in the front to secure the pillow and stabilize your neck. My only complaint? I wish the "canal" was a little narrower so the pillow would be tighter to my neck. Regardless, this is still the best neck pillow I've ever used in my life. Will be keeping one with me for years to come!

Ronny Acosta

Folds down small

Easy to fold down and put away. Doesn't take up a lot of space. Do have to get used to the strap in the front but its really comfortable. Can throw this in the wash, which is nice but I do dry on low. Doesn't lose it's shape even when washed. Neck feels really supported and pillow is really comfortable. Strap is easily adjustable but doesn't loosen on its own. No more kinked necks.

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