Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs, 12 Count
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  • CLOROX BLEACH: Use Clorox Bleach Packs as you would regular bleach – the packs are a controlled way to clean with bleach
  • BLEACH PACKS: The convenient laundry packs are filled with water activated solid bleach crystals so you can easily control the way you clean
  • SPLASHLESS BLEACH: No more worrying about bleach spills or splashes, these packs allow you to enjoy the same great Clorox Bleach liquid in a form that’s easier than ever to use
  • MULTIPURPOSE BLEACH: Use the bleach packs to fight tough stains on your white laundry or take this bleach out of the laundry room and use on household surfaces including countertops, floors, toilets and more
  • LAUNDRY BLEACH: Clorox Bleach Packs can be used in standard and high efficiency washing machines and are great for everyday cleaning

Product description

Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Crystals let you clean with control without the splash and spills. The bleach crystals are specially formulated to be water activated, so they start working when you mix them with water. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Crystals are a convenient solution for cleaning fabrics, toilets, sinks and hard, nonporous surfaces. The solid form has the same Clorox trusted clean, so you can wash and clean with confidence and eliminate the worry of liquid spills. Simply fill the dosing cap with the bleach crystals and add directly to the washer drum or pour into a bucket, sink or toilet and stir to dissolve. The crystals dissolve fully in the washing machine during the wash. No mess, just fresh clean clothes. Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Crystals have the same great bleaching action as Clorox Liquid Bleach without worrying about spills and splashes.


An even easier way to use Clorox Bleach

Clorox Control Bleach Packs bring you the Clorox Bleach power you love in easy-to-use solid form. They’re water-activated, so they only start working when you want them to. And since the solid form means no spilling or splashing, you can wash and clean with added confidence. 

The Solid Advantage: no splash and more control

The solid form means no spilling or splashing. Clorox Control Bleach Packs are specially formulated to be water-activated for added control. When the Packs are dry they are essentially un-reactive. When mixed with water the solid dissolves and activates to make a bleach solution. Simply drop the Packs into a bucket, sink or toilet and stir to dissolve. The Packs dissolve fully in the washing machine during the wash.

Plus, Clorox Control Bleach Packs feature compact packaging, so they’re easy to carry and store. They take up less room in laundry rooms and closets, and eliminate the problem of liquid spills.

Powerful Versatility

Clorox Control Bleach Packs work great for both your laundry and cleaning needs. Use in both top-loading and HE washing machines. Always add Packs directly to the wash drum, never the dispenser tray.

They whiten, remove stains and deodorize with the best of them.

Use on your non-porous indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Including floors, glazed or ceramic tiles, bathtubs, showers, kitchen sinks, outdoor siding, plastic patio furniture and playground sets. Not for food contact surfaces.

For White Laundry Use:

For use in HE and standard machines. Add detergent as directed. Add one Clorox Control Bleach Pack directly to machine drum. Do not put in HE dispenser trays. Packs dissolve fully during the wash.

Tips: For extra-large or heavily soiled loads, use twice the dose. For best results, add to drum five minutes after start of wash cycle.

Kitchen, Bath and Outdoor Use:

Add one Clorox Control Bleach Pack to one gallon of water. Stir to dissolve. Wipe, mop or brush desired surface with bleach solution. Then rinse surface well and air dry.

Tip: When cleaning sinks and toilets, just add one pack directly to basin of water and stir to dissolve.

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No more accidental spills.

I'm sure there's a lot of you out there that regardless of how careful you are, still end up with a few bleach spots on your clothes. These Clorox bleach packs won't do that, they will not release any chlorine until they dissolve in water. These Clorox bleach packs contain ingredients that are less corrosive to plastics and rubber and will not corrode stainless steel, unlike their liquid counterparts. Make sure your hands are dry before handling and that you reseal the container, especially if you live where there's high humidity. You can put these packs in your HE washing machine or your standard machine and then throw your bleachable fabrics in and your clothes will be just fine, even if you have to set the timer to start in 6 hours. In the HE machines you're supposed to add the packs directly to the drums and not the dispenser trays. One problem I have, is, my washing machine is a front loader and the directions say, for best results add them to the drum 5 minutes after the start of the wash cycle. I have better things to do then wait around to do that, besides once the door goes into lock mode it's a pain trying to open it in the middle of a cycle. So I add them first, before the clothes and so far I'm happy, except for the price. The liquid bleach cost about $4.00 for 15 loads where the packs are $4.00 for 12 loads, so is the convenience worth it?


Makes household chores easier!

The Clorox Water activated bleach packs come in a handy round hard plastic container, and there is a safety feature when opening it, – I had to read the instructions on the top, as it is a tad different than most, but it was not a problem once reviewing the simple instructions. The Clorox packs remind me of the dishwasher tabs, only a bit larger. I put them in my whites in the wash and only had whites in the washer, not mixed whites as I was worried that it could discolor off whites. I could smell the bleach once it dissolved and my clothes were stain free and as white as if I used liquid bleach. I have to say, it is pretty convenient to just drop one of these packs in vs measuring the liquid bleach. I also tried it in my toilet bowl. I just dropped it in and it dissolved fairly quickly. Once dissolved, I used the toilet brush to clean the inside of the bowl. It did a fantastic job and was I was impressed with how much time I saved just by using one of these packs! I would recommend the Clorox water activated bleach packs – for those with busy lives, it is one more quality way to save some and hassle when doing your household chores. I plan to keep them on hand for those busy days!


Quick and Easy!

Let me start by saying these are great for more than just washing your white clothes. Not only are they great because there is no heavy bottle to pour, but also, no splashing to cause unwanted bleach stains. I found that the new high efficiency washers tend to get an odor that builds up over time. I put one of these Clorox packs in the washer and ran it on warm and the odor was gone. I also found that my dishwasher does the same thing. After about a month the dishwasher produces that same odor, so I thought that I would try the same thing. I ran it though the dishwasher and it worked great! Clorox has been around for many years and has always been my favorite. The container is small and has a great child proof lid, so feel assured that the kids will not be getting into this container. The Clorox packs still do a great job of keeping my whites at their best and the new small packs make it easier than ever to get the job done with less of a mess. I would absolutely recommend this product to any member of my family.

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EYE IRRITANT. Do not get in eyes. FIRST AID: EYES - Flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, call a doctor.


Sodium dichloroisocyanurate. Contains no phosphorus.


BLEACHABLE FABRICS: HE and Standard Machines: Add detergent as directed. Add one bleach pack directly to machine drum. DO NOT put in HE dispenser trays. TOILETS & SINKS: To clean and deodorize, add one pack to toilet bowl or full sink of water. Stir to dissolve. Rise sink thoroughly after use. HARD, NONPOROUS

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