The Unguide to Dating: A He Said/She Said on Relationships
By Camerin Courtney (Author)
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Forty percent of the U.S. adult population is single. And the majority of those singles feel pressured to find ''the one.'' But dating as an adult is not easy, especially in a culture that targets people under the age of twenty and seemingly ignores everyone else. Drawing from their own dating experiences and from their work with prominent Christian media outlets, including, Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz offer their thoughts and bewilderments on adult dating relationships--not just to discuss the declining ''state of the date'' but to give hope and help to adult singles. With insight on everything from meeting someone after college to the much-talked-about issue of sex, their he said/she said style pairs a little bit of vulnerability with a lot of conversation to help singles navigate the pressures, trends, and temptations of dating as an adult.

Critic Carrie

The Best unGuide Available

Many Christian dating books start with the premise that there's something wrong with you if you're single. The plethora of how-to-get-hitched volumes say that if you follow their prescribed steps and concoct their formulas, then poof! You'll be happily ever after married. The unGuide to Dating: A He Said/She Said on Relationships stands out in crowd of methodical, one-dimensional Christian living books. Authors Camerin Courtney (a thirty-something Today's Christian Woman editor), and Todd Hertz (a twenty-something Campus Life editor) are both single and understand our generation's unique dating plights. Dating is more complicated now than ever before-especially for Christians. There are fewer single men in the church, changing gender roles, Internet dating, speed dating, shows like The Bachelor, and the effects of higher divorces rates to add to the mix. Singles are waiting longer to get married and Christians seem to be experiencing a dating drought. This book could've been a vague diatribe, pointing fingers at the ills of society and what's wrong with men and women, but it's not. The authors get vulnerable and share their own mishaps and victories, while challenging readers to take a good look inward too. They add to the dating discussion with reader input. Readers (especially those on the older side of 25) should relate well to stories and insights shared here. Expect practical suggestions in this dialogue on dating, not just a list of do's and don'ts. The male and female pair's authentic approach gives a much-needed mature, fun, and candid perspective. The unGuide has no money-back guarantee, but neither does real life-or dating.

Roger Davis

Easy, easy read.

The "Unguide to dating" is a viewpoint written from two singles perspectives. One a man (Todd Hertz) one a woman.(Camerin Courtney) They each takes a turn in every chapter (Changing Gender Roles,Internet dating,etc) based on their unique experiences. I have been a fan of Ms. Courtney writings for years. Both her articles in and her recent "Table for One" book have interested me in their easy insightfulness. I have never read anything by Hertz, but Courtney's name is enough of a recommendation. There is not a great deal of "meat" in this book. For a meaningful discussion on why a Christian may still be single and/or to accept that we may never marry I recommend Ms. Lori White blunt "the Single Truth" or Ms. Courtney breezy "table for One." "Unguide to Dating" is simply a book of two single Christians closing on to middle age telling of their humorous, frustrating and often enjoyable experiences as Dating in Christdom. And putting it in a larger context. They are especially interesting when putting their own (typical) single life in contrast with the myth of TV/Movies single life. I have said that there is not much "meat" in this book. I did not mean that as a negative. It is as breezy and enjoyable as sitting with two friends talking about life as Christian singles and the time fly by just as fast. I finished this in one sitting. Don't be surprise if you do the same.


Definitely Breaking the Mold ...

I really enjoyed reading this book. From the beginning to the end, I could not put it down! The two authors, Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz, get oh so real in this book. They bring up many topics that I think a lot of Christian singles deal with and go through (definitely some I've gone through!), but don't necessarily want to talk about out of embarrassment or fear of being judged. Both authors share very personal experiences that are very relatable. This book really is an honest look at dating, raging hormones, and platonic vs. not-so-much guy girl friendships. One of the best things about the book for me was that it is a straight-up SHE SAID, HE SAID. It made the reading a lot more fun and I liked getting the guy perspective, especially since I am not at all fluent in "guy-speak"! ha ha If you are a single out there, get this book! You will be very happy you did!

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