DIVINE REPAIRS Hardcover – August 6, 2009
By Mercidieu Phillips (Author)
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Admitting that we live in a world favorably bent towards evil, how can we practice genuine forgiveness? Where do we find the power to forgive? An inspiring and thought-provoking book, Divine Repairs, explores the answers to these questions. Mercidieu Phillips combines a theological foundation and an abundance of personal experiences as he challenges you to embrace the wealth of God's provision for you to become a fully capable giver and forgiver. A fresh and insightful examination of the heart of the Christian faith.... Forgiveness, Mercidieu masterfully weaves together the call of God and the duty of the believer. This is a compelling invitation to know freedom and communal living in light of the Triune God's mercy and love. This book addresses one of the greatest and most crucial challenges facing Christians today. God wants us to be healthy people creating healthy communities. Divine Repairs brings a new and refreshed way of looking at forgiveness. This is a must-read for every church leader and believer committed to living a life of freedom! Gregory Toussaint Senior Pastor, Tabernacle of Glory; Author of Jezebel Unveiled This book contains enormous implications for the believer. It has the potential to save your life, your family, and others around you. Few people lay the truth down like my good friend and colleague Phil. Reading this book could be an answer to your long-awaited prayers. Daniel Rosemond Adjunct Professor, Trinity International University Mercidieu Phillips is the senior pastor of Agape Christian Fellowship, and a much sought after speaker. His worldwide ministry is an inspiration to millions. He is passionate about teaching the fundamentals of the Christian faith and seeing people live in the freedom procured by the finished work of Christ. Mercidieu is married to Emma and together they have two children Jehiel and Hadassah.


A book you don't wanna miss !!!!

Lets give it a try... Hope u will have a great journey..


Dr. Phil really teaches in this book on forgiveness

Excellent book! I must say it has helped me to understand that without true forgiveness one can not truly live.

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ESIN 7770001
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