Guard Us, Guide Us: Divine Leading in Life's Decisions Hardcover – March 1, 2008
By J. l Parker , Carolyn Nystrom (Author)
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Seeking God's guidance is a focus for many believers. We want to know what God has planned for our lives. Are we making the right decision? Are we in his will? For some people, knowing God is guiding their lives makes them relax and enjoy the ride. But others fear making the wrong choice and find themselves paralyzed as they wait for signs from above.
J. I. Packer and Carolyn Nystrom answer these fears with Guard Us, Guide Us. With a solid biblical footing, they shed light on the notion of God's guidance in response to the many misunderstandings well-meaning Christians can have. Readers seeking God's will in major life decisions, as well as anyone interested in understanding how God guides us, will welcome this practical and inspiring book.

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ESIN 7689012
Page 272 Pages
Publisher Baker Books (March 1, 2008) (March 1, 2008)
Language English
ISBN 10 0801013038
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