Life in the Spirit: Including How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit and the Counselor (Hendrickson Christian Classics) Hardcover- April 1, 2009
By A. W. Tozer (Author)
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Hendrickson presents two classic works on the Holy Spirit by A. W. Tozer, together in one volume for the first time. A superb addition to the best-selling Hendrickson Christian Classics series, Life in the Spirit combines Tozer’s How to Be Filled with the Spirit and The Counselor: Straight Talk About the Holy Spirit from a Twentieth Century Prophet.

In Tozer’s own words, How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit “was made available to the Christian public with the prayer that it may lead thirsty believers to the fountain of living waters.” Since its publication, hundreds of thousands of copies of this practical yet deeply devotional guide have been sold. How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit will refresh and open the reader to the filling of the Holy Spirit.

In The Counselor, Tozer speaks to the current conflict and confusion about the Holy Spirit from a balanced, biblical perspective—not academic, but practical. Tozer promises that the Holy Spirit “is willing—yes, willing—to do for us all that Jesus would do if He were here on earth.” The chapters of this book were originally preached as sermons at Southside Alliance Church in Chicago. Whether spoken or written, Tozer’s words were designed to “promote personal heart religion” among God’s people.

Jolene Kraft Anderson

This is my favorite Tozer book

This is my favorite Tozer book. It is a compilation of some of his writings including "The Counselor". A must read for all who want to deepen their Christian walk. I have reread this book 4-5 times & plan to keep rereading it. What most amazes me about this writing is how deeply it has affected my spiritual fullness. A favorite pastor of mine recommended it & I have been forever grateful. It is a small book but absolutely packed with guidance. It isn't a quick read; there is too much information to blast through it.

Big Mike

This book was powerful. It gives the believer the ...

This book was powerful. It gives the believer the tools with scripture references to know the Holy Spirit. As well as a step by step way to assure the Holy Spirit is in you living and actively walking in Him. Do not read this book unless you are ready to live the life that God has intended you to have. May He in rich you with His Holy Spirit as much as He has for me with the help of A.W. Tozer

Zon is the place!

A most vital addition / edition for everyone's life

Outside of reading and meditating upon Scripture I know of no other writer that was more inspired and led by our Creator. A.W. Tozer's book "Life in the Spirit" published by Hendrickson Christian Classics is a book every true believer should have as well as their Bibles. I know of no other writing about what the Holy Spirit is, what the Holy Spirit means, and how every true believer needs to view and approach the Holy Spirit, that is this true, this inspired, and captures the very essence of God's Word to the people of this world. This volume is of exceptional high quality in construction and purpose. It is the best investment anyone could make for around $10.00. Buy this book today. Read it when it arrives. Keep it handy. Refer to it often. And take the words of A.W. Tozer to heart...and spirit.

Daryl W.

Great Book!

A. W. Tozer was a hard-hitting, prolific minister who didn't mince words. His work was straight from the word of God with great accuracy. If you wish to be inspired and encouraged in your faith, there are none better than books written from the sermons of the late, great A.W. Tozer. I highly recommend this book for your reading!


Love me some Tozer!

I am now officially in love with Tozer! He tells it like it is -- and there's so much that I didn't know before that I'm beyond grateful. I think the topic of the Holy Spirit can be a hot button for some Christians, and I get that. But the past couple of weeks I've been revising my own book -- Heart to Heart With God the Jesus Way -- to incorporate some of the insight of Tozer AND his somewhat-contemporary Arthur Pierson.

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A “twentieth-century prophet” they called him even in his lifetime. For 31 years A. W. Tozer was pastor of Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, where his reputation as a man of God was citywide. Concurrently he became editor of Alliance Life, a responsibility he fulfilled until his death in 1963. His greatest legacy to the Christian world has been more than 40 books