God.Net: The Journey Beyond Belief hardcover- September 10, 2001
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James Langteaux's God.com transformed thousands of lives with its powerful call to begin the journey called "believe." God.net invites readers to move beyond that first step and take a "road trip with God" into belief itself. Langteaux describes a trek filled both with amazing adventure and "deserts of the real" -- painful moments that propel believers to greater depths and new insights in their walk with God. Written in Langteaux's powerful, poetic style, God.net shows readers how to rely on the safety net of God's Word, depend on the network of fellow believers, become better fishers of men, and enter the "rest of the story," the peace that comes only from living beyond belief.

Jeanine Jackson

Prepare yourself . . .this is a journey beyond belief!

Thank you, James, for exposing and sharing your desert experience -- the one that comes after "believe." Previously vague questions of "where did you go, God?" and "why don't I feel free?" were answered through your honesty, and hope stirred anew. Truth after Truth after Truth was brought to Light as the darkness of spiritual blindness was exposed in your "transparen-see." Thank you for inspiring me to continue my own journey believing in God's net-work. You have identified the voice and heartbeat of the tribe, and you have truly been called by God to expose His Bride to the holy dance of His glory.

Debra Scheau

My favorite of books.

My favorite of books. Would reccommend to anyone.James Langteaux is a true and genuine believer, this book is life changing.

Sharon P

Clearer Vision of a Loving God

James took me on a self journey through his experiences. The end result is that I want to love the hurting...and "Love the sinner"...and skip the second part of hate the sin. That is God's part. This was truly a life changing book for me. Thank you James for sharing your intimate beliefs.

john J. Butera

The Right Book at the Right Time... A GOD.SENT

I just finnished this book and though its a 1:15 in the morning I need to write this review. This is an incredible book of truths about The TRUTH!! It is first aid and triage for those in the desert, full of doubts and fears and wondering is all this make believe? You will find yourself on the pages of this book and the person you know is in you. I laughed and I cried and I resonated with the TRUTH in this book. The author is a genius and the style though quite unconventional breathes new life into books about our walk IN Christ. This book was written for me so with that said whatever you gain from it is icing on the cake because its work and purpose was already fulfilled.Take heart though our Lord is Eternal and so are His blessings towards us. This book will bring you face to face and heart to heart with your Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. The stories of struggels and disappointments are completely healed as the greater Purpose is revealed. The lives touched and changed washed clean give hope and a challenge to all that will heed. This book is for Now and is an eternal blessing, for the healing that you will recieve as you hear the great things Jesus has done in others your hope and faith will rise. You will know that any desert or mountain is just an path and the greatest purpose lies in the step you are Now taking. A step that you take holding to a nail scared hand. The journey is inspired from above take hold and rest in HIS loving arm. Take my advice and read this tear stained book! GOD bless JB

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ESIN 6304999
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About The Author

James Alexander Langteaux has worked in many forms of communication and entertainment on an international basis. After receiving his master's degree in communication at Regent University, he worked as writer, producer, and director for The 700 Club for six years. His work on the NBC miniseries A Woman Named Jackie earned him an Emmy Award nomination. In the mid-nineties Langteaux hosted a weekly, four-hour live music television show in New Zealand, where he also promoted mentoring programs for young people. Today he works in Los Angeles with Media International, which creates videos with strong moral messages for public school audiences.