Make the Bible Work for You Vinyl Bound – September 1, 2008
By Dave Johnston (Author)
Vendido por Eishops

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Ever feel a little guilty for a white lie or for “borrowing” something without asking first? Wondering what Jesus would have done? Now there’s no need!


Make the Bible Work for You is an irreverent guide to justifying your bad behavior through specially chosen biblical quotations. Learn how to justify gossiping, cheating on your taxes, or sleeping with a coworker with a real biblical quotation, along with commentary from Reverend Hellenback on its effective application. 


If you’ve ever wondered how finger-wagging right-wingers get away with their week-long cocaine binges and cheap adulterous motel trysts while still being welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven, this book is for you.


With more than 150 biblical quotations, this is the perfect book to assuage the guilt of even the most fallen Christian—and to get a snort from the most militant atheist. Give the gift of absolution, or keep it for yourself. You never know when you’ll need a little pick-me-up after grievous sin.

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ESIN 5566779
Page 160 Pages
Publisher Abrams Image (September 1, 2008) (September 1, 2008)
Language English
ISBN 10 081097102X
ISBN 13 978-0810971028
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Vendido por Eishops
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Books Format Vinyl Bound
Publish Date September 1, 2008