Romancing Your Child's Heart Paperback- September 9, 2003
By Monte Swan;, David Biebel (Author)
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Parents can have awesome relationships with their children, but it is not enough to fill them with Bible facts, verses, and demand of them certain desired behaviors - you must first capture their hearts. When a child is young, parents can impose their will. When the child is older, however, if the parent hasn't won his heart, all the force in the world will only serve to drive him farther and farther away. How can parents win the hearts of their children? It all starts with romance - exactly as God woos us. Not just another parenting book, Monte Swan takes an entirely new approach to reaching the heart of a child . . . the way of romance. Desiring to lead their children to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, parents will learn the very best approach to open the hearts of their children. Swan teaches parents how they can enter into the world of their children and give them not only what they long for, but what they need . . . an environment of total love and security from which they can conquer the challenges life has to offer. He demonstrates how any parent can turn the tables on the world and romance the hearts of their children to the love of God. With practical advice in real-life parenting situations, Swan equips parents first with the enthusiasm for the challenge ahead and then with concrete ways to win the heart of any child.

Michelle Conley

Great Read For Parents!

I loved the book! Monte Swan has great insight to what it takes to be a wonderful Christian father! We need more Godly men and women like him!

Mona R.

It takes parenting to a whole new level!?

Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2019


For the benefit of your children, read this book!

This book is a hidden treasure. It's time we love our children rather than drive them to anxiety and stress. As God loves us, so we should love our children.



I read this book about a year ago and was completely amazed by it. Having two boys of my own I found the message in the book to be inspiring. About a week ago I came face to face with a point the book talks about which is making sure you are dicipling bad behavior not the childs spirit or creativity. I'm so happy I read this book it helped me deal with a situation that brought me and my son closer. Had I not read this book I would have just reacted to his behavior and caused my son emotional sadness. This book made me think about my parenting and the kind of men I want my sons to become. It made me want to be the parent they deserve. I recommend it for everyone.

Lyndsey Dixon


a must read for all parents at first you think wow i am a good parent, then you keep reading to learn how even good parents can be better i really liked this book because its not a "parentng how to" but a parenting guide through God at almost 30, i havent read a book since h.s. but this book has sparked my reading interest and im reading a new one every couple of months!

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