Jesus Freaks: Martyrs: Stories of Those Who Stood for Jesus: The Ultimate Jesus Freaks
By DC Talk (Author)
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There are more Christian martyrs today than there were in ad 100--in the days of the Roman Empire. Now in the twenty-first century, according to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, more than 150,000 Christians are martyred around the world every year.

"Remember the Lord's people who are in jail and be concerned for them. Don't forget those who are suffering, but imagine that you are there with them."
Hebrews 13:3 cev


A Must Buy

These are the real stories of Chrostian martyrs who died for Jesus Christ. It opens your eyes to the reality of the Roman Catholic Church, the russian USSR, and the Chinese people's republic, how bad they are and how much they hated God's word, God's people, and the Gospel message.


Very very encouraging and empowering!

As a very tender hearted Christian who cries often during worship I was a little concerned that this book would break my heart to the point of despair... OPPOSITE of a broken heart I was SO encouraged and empowered by the awesome recounting of these wonderful brothers and sisters. I am back now to buy multiple copies as gifts for friends. I also have Sister Freaks and Promises For Jesus Freaks.... highly recommend both of those, too. I am getting multiple copies of all three to give away to fellow Christians. I can not recommend this book highly enough.


Martyr's for Their Faith

I am still in the process of reading this book, but about half way through. I am a little unsure about how I really feel about it. When my life is ever on the line and I need to defend my Savior, I pray that He will give me the strength do lift up His Holy Name. There is nothing simple about giving up your life for Christ, but I am finding the portrayals to be a bit oversimplified. Maybe that is not the correct choice of words. I am not sorry that I am reading it, but I do think it is geared to a younger audience, maybe 14 to 16 years of age.Some of the Martyr's go back to soon after Christ's death, and I already know about these individuals through my Biblical studies.

Eric Blievernicht

An inspirational compendium of martyrs past and present

Jesus Freaks is a collection of scores of accounts of martyrs around the world, from the first martyr (St. Stephen) to modern martyrs in places like the Sudan, Indonesia and Iran. Readers familiar with John Foxe's Book of Martyrs will recognize a lot of his material has been incorporated into this book, but there is enough new material to make this a valuable addition to the library. Jesus Freaks was written with Richard Wurmbrand's Voice of the Martyrs organization. Dr. Wurmbrand is one of those faithful Christian leaders who suffered many years in Communist prisons, viciously tortured for their faith. (He testified before U.S. Congress after his release was ultimately secured, stripping to the waist to reveal his torture wounds.) Their stories are moving ones. This makes me better appreciate the risks of sharing our faith and love in Christ as I get to know Christians in other countries, and see persecution intensify in lands considered historically "Christian."

M Robinson

Update of Foxe's Book of Martyrs

It is quite humbling to read of the sacrifices and persecution that Brothers and Sisters in Christ have endured throughout the ages-- and continue to endure even now. Everyone who calls himself/herself a Christian should read this, perhaps annually, as a reminder to pray for our family members who are facing persecution and death. Instead of praying for a new car, bigger house, better/more clothes (all focused on self), let's join to pray for others facing the enemy head-on...

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dc Talk is the Grammy Award-winning band formed by TobyMac (Toby McKeehan), Michael Tait, and Kevin Max. Leaders in the pursuit of melding music with provocative questions of faith, the trio released five major studio albums and dominated the Christian charts throughout the 1990s. They have received numerous Dove Awards, three Grammys, two platinum albums, and two gold albums. All three have gone on to post-dc Talk success: TobyMac as a solo artist, Michael Tait as lead vocalist for the Newsboys, and Kevin Max as lead singer for Audio Adrenaline.