NIV Rainbow Study Bible, Jacketed Hardcover Hardcover
By Holman Bible Staff (Author)
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The No. 1 fully color-coded NIV Bible with more than 3 million combined units sold!

The NIV Rainbow Study Bible has a unique color-coding system that allows readers to quickly and easily identify twelve major themes of Scripture throughout the text: God, discipleship, love, faith, sin, evil, salvation, family, outreach, commandments, history, and prophecy. This study Bible system also underlines all words directly spoken by God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. An NIV Bible for women and men that can give readers a unique view of God’s Word. 


Other features of the Bible include 12 pages of color maps with index, a NIV study Bible reading calendar, concordance, subject guide, Where to Find It, Outline of Old Testament History, "Know What God Says," Table of Weights and Measures, "100 Popular Bible Passages," and "365 Popular Bible Quotations for Memorization and Meditation."

Olivia W.

Makes it easier to understand & digest Gods word.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I enjoy how this bible is color coded & simplified without any important word left out. This will bless you!


Great quality hard bound book that makes it easy to ...

Great quality hard bound book that makes it easy to find and recognise that part of the bible that you are looking for at any given time. The color coded sections Help you find inspirational passages for how you are feeling.


Best Study Bible I've ever seen

I cant' even explain how much difference this book made in my daily Bible studies. The colors make each paragraph pop, and you can immediately identify the meaning behind each paragraph - salvation, discipleship, outreach, love, family, faith, history, evil, etc. I love this BIBLE.

Tuesday Flowers

Great Bible, but color codes need to match better.

I like my new Bible. Bible is well made and came in brand new condition as advertised. The only thing I would liked to have had was a color code guide book marker but it didn’t come with this Rainbow Bible. I have trouble reading the color codes. The color in the Bible verses looks lighter at the bottom of the pages which is where the color code guide is located. The Bible is very nice and I will keep it. Just wish the color codes at the bottom were brighter to match the verses better or it came with a separate book marker like some Rainbow Bible.


Beautiful & Refreshing = NIV Rainbow Study Bible

The NIV Rainbow Study Bible by Holman makes text readable and scripture easier to understand. This Bible provides you with color coded scripture to give you a better understanding of what it signifies. For instance, if you want to find a bible verse that talks about God, you'll color match it's associated color box at the bottom of each page, with the same color shown in scripture. The entire Bible is color coded/highlighted so you can get a better understanding of it's true meaning, for example, the color Purple = Scripture talking about God, Yellow = Scripture talking about Family, Green = Scripture talking about Love, etc, etc.. These color coded features make navigation not only easier, but also more enjoyable and refreshing to use. Aside from it's beautifully presented color coded/highlighting system, this Bible also features Book Introductions, a Bold Line System to indicate what God is saying, Center Cross References, Colored Maps & Illustrations, Concordance and subject guide, etc. Other features that might be worth mentioning are... 1. It's not heavy, which makes it perfect for travel, 2. It's not a thick Bible (about 1.4 inches thick). 3. The spine is Sewn, not glued (Will last longer) 4. Text size is of 9 point font (Still very readable) 5. Comes with one bookmark ribbon (Light green) 6. The pages are not gilded (Traditional white) 7. Comes with side page indexing (for easier book navigation) 8. Comes with a slipcover 9. Hardcover is the same design as the slipcover 10. Materials used are of good quality (Cardboard, Paper, etc,) If your wants consist of something well made, beautiful, simple and affordable, then the NIV Rainbow Study Bible is for you. Trust me, I bought this and it's one of my favorites out of the many Bibles I own. END NOTE: The only thing that you need to keep in mind, is that this is not a full featured Study Bible, that contains writer's notes about each verse, word studies, articles, opinions, etc..

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ESIN 3223235
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