Christian Book of Records (Recent Releases) Paperback – July 1, 2002
By Hendrickson Publishers (Author)
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Available July 2002

The Christian Book of Records is a colorful handbook of Christian facts and trivia that is both a reference resource and a sourcebook for enlightening entertainment. It is filled with hundreds of full-color pictures, charts, and illustrations. As you browse through it, you will discover little known facts, statistics, and historical tidbits on Christianity, the church, church leaders, and the Bible.

The topics are wide-ranging, exciting, and even fun—archaeological discoveries, famous personalities and missionaries, great martyrs of the faith, visions, conversions, church buildings, mottoes and sayings, and hundreds of other topics. There is even a century-by-century chronological overview of the development of Christianity. Whether you are looking for information, trivia, or just plain entertainment, you will be amazed and inspired by seeing God’s work and God’s people throughout the centuries. And it’s completely indexed.

The Bible: statistics, translations, archaeological discoveries . . .
The Spread of Christianity: first apostles, missions, 20th century evangelism . . .
Christian Thought: writers, mottoes, science . . .
Christian Experience: conversions, prophesies, visions . . .
Christian Groups: traditional, modern, service, and mission groups . . .
Christian Practices: music, hymns, prayers, signs, and symbols . . .
Christians Under Fire: martyrs, persecution . . .
Potpourri: Christmas, Easter, church buildings, mystery of the shroud . . .
Century-by-Century Chronology


Knowing is everything.

go through the book,, you will some great ideas about it.


Good Book

That's a good informative book to read on.

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ESIN 3103890
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Vendido por Eishops
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Publish Date July 1, 2002