Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon & Ocean Breeze 80ct, cleaning wipes, cleaning supplies, packaging may vary
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  • Kills cold and flu viruses
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Kills pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza a virus

Product description

Lysol disinfecting wipes, Lemon and lime blossom.



From the manufacturerlysol wipes

Product Benefits

Kills 99.9% Of Viruses & Bacteria*

Including 8 cold & flu viruses. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria including Influenza A Virus H2N2, Strep & Staph.

*When used as directed - EPA registration number 777-114, approval date was 10/15/2009

Unique Micro-Pocket Pattern

Ideal to quickly trap & lift everyday messes. Strong enough for even the toughest messes. Can be used on most hard, non-porous surfaces.

Removes More Than 95% Of Allergens

Including pet dander, dust mites & pollen.EPA registration number 777-114, approval date was 10/15/2009

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes For All-Purpose Cleaning

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For Touch Ups & Tough Messes In The Kitchen

Great for touch up cleaning or use on tough messes in the Kitchen, Sink, Counters, Appliance exteriors, garbage can & light switches.

Make Cleaning The Bathroom Easy & Convenient

Use all around the Bathroom including toilet seats, bathtubs, vanity tops, tiles & door knobs.

Ideal For Furniture & Floors

Use on most finished surfaces around your home including wood, sealed marble, stainless steel, laminate floors, washable walls & outdoor furniture.

Safe For Use On Electronics

Lysol wipes kill germs on most electronic devices. Use them freely on smartphones, tablets, remote controls, computers, keyboards & mouses.


Leaky Lids

These wipes are great but the lids leak so when you get the product there is wet stuff all over the packaging. The labels on the containers are so wet they fall right off the containers.


Leaky package

I order this item often and more times than not, it arrived leaky - the solution has leaked out of one or more containers, through the plastic sealing them together (soaking all the others in the process) and getting through to the box and other items. I need it so I never bother returning. And I love the actual item. But it's consistently problematic.


Wipes are good, box is impossible to use. Super annoying.

The wipes themselves are awesome. The box is impossible to reach through to get the wipes out. They always fall down to the bottom of the box and you have to pop the whole lid off and reach all the way to the bottom to unroll the whole roll of wipes and try to find where the roll ends to get the next wipe out. It is sooooooo annoying when trying to do a quick cleanup, like after a puppy’s pee accident on a rug....


Love these

These wipes smell wonderful and clean well. Highly recommend for all those dirty tables and floors. You can attach these wipes to a swiffer and use them as a substitute for those expensive Swiffer wipes.

Maria Peters

Good Deal On 4 Pack Of Lysol Wipes!

This was a really good deal! I normally buy disinfectant wipes at Walmart. If Lysol wipes aren't on sale then I usually just get the Great Value Walmart brand. The biggest container of that brand is a good deal as well, but during cold and flu season I would much rather have the actual Lysol brand. I've tried Clorox disinfectant wipes but I don't like those as much. Mainly because I trust Lysol more than Clorox. And also because the Clorox wipes aren't as nice, they often leave behind little white fibers on surfaces that I wipe down. And they just break down easily, which I don't like. I don't really have that issue with the Lysol wipes, They're durable and can handle a lot of use. I use one wipe to wipe down multiple surfaces and it stays wet and doesn't break down either. One thing that I found helpful through experience is pouring the rest of the liquid from an old container that's empty into a new container over the wipes. That way you can shake the container to get the wipes a little more wet before you use them. The lid is easy to open and it's easy to pull the wipes through the little dispenser. They came within a day or two after ordering and nothing was damaged. I've never tried the blue bottle before but it smells nice, just like the lemon ones do. I highly, highly recommend Lysol brand anything but especially these wipes because I use them daily and know how good they are. I'm glad I came across this good deal and would definitely purchase again!

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ESIN 24161838
Item Weight 1.7 pound
Shipping Weight 2 pound
Item Condition New
Brand Name Lysol
Manufacturer Lysol
Manufacturer Part Number 641438438876
Color Lemon + Lime Blossom & Ocean Breeze

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