The Selfless Way of Christ: Downward Mobility and the Spiritual Life Paperback
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In this short work, Henri Nouwen offers a penetrating reflection on the challenge of the spiritual life, especially the call to imitate Christ s example of downward mobility. Illustrated with drawings by Vincent van Gogh, The Selfless Way of Christ is an inspiring guide for ministers and everyone walking the path of discipleship.

From the Author

To those of us living in the competative, modern world, Henri Nouwen's phrase, "downward mobility," seems radically counterintuitive.  But in Nouwen's words, The spiritual life "is a life that sets us free to be strong while weak, to be free while captive, to be joyful while in pain, to be rich while poor .... Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness ... are indeed the qualities of our Lord himself and reveal his presence in the midst of a world so torn apart by envy, greed, war and other sin."

This small, important book is a shining example of Henri Nouwen's remarkable ability to cut through the clutter and noise of modern life and reach what really matters.

-- The Henri Nouwen Legacy Trust

About the Author

Henri Nouwen, who died in 1996, remains one of the world's most popular and influential spiritual writers. His other Orbis publications include Adam, With Burning Hearts, Peacework, Walk with Jesus, The Road to Peace, Love in a Fearful Land, and Jesus: A Gospel.

John Sica


This book demands that we at least examine in the context of our lives how the desire for more of everything, possessions, wealth, power, etc., May be an impediment in our personal vocations. I have never read a book by Brother Noreen that did not leave me reflecting on his message. The Selfless Way is no exception and will leave you with many thoughts about what it truly means to be a good American and growing Christian. John Sica, Fairfield, Pennsylvania.


Father Al

The Way of the Cross

Clarity and simplicity are the trademarks of all of Henri Nouwen's works. This particular book reinforces the the need to empty oneself of the cultural and societal values of this world and replace the ego self with the values found on the Sermon on the Mount which simply summarize the steps in follow Jesus, the Servant Leader.

Karlene Baker

Wrecked by this book

This book has wrecked me. I've been a Christian for almost fifty years, yet Nouwen's writings have driven me to a deeper understanding of the life of Christ and how we are called to live by His model. Nouwen's words are still relevant today, and maybe even more so than the day he wrote them. Highly recommend this book for the believer who is feeling unease toward the pull of culture to do more, be more, or get more.

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