Satan and His Kingdom:What the Bible Says and How It Matters To You.
By Denise. Mccallum (Author)
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A clear examination of Satan, demons, and demonic control, showing believers how to battle the enemy while keeping their focus on Christ

Katie Morscher

So informational!

Not many Christian books willing to go through Satan and his kingdom in such detail as this. So appreciate this informational, Biblical-based read to help me better prepare and fight for God's kingdom!

D. Presley

More on how Satan works

I have read four different books dealing with Satan. Each talk about the reality of his presents and how he works on destroying the church. This book drives home many variable thoughts on Satan and how he works in our society and how he affects Christians. Dennis also drives home as to how Satan moves Christians away from a strong worship on God and a more of a mind set on material things. It's a good book to read and compare your habit and relationship with Christ. I strongly recommend this purchase, especially to all Christians.

B. G. Meadows

Scholarly work based on exhaustive research by a highly reputable and credentialed writer

Dennis McCallum has an impeachable record as one of the most qualified and reputable Christian writers/researchers. He only deals in documented facts/figures, while citing only the most credible scholars and researchers to support his thesis. Well worth the read.

Jackie Knowles

Satan and his kingdom

This book was phenomenal from start to finish. Before we engage in spiritual warfare we must know as much as we can about our opponent so that we do not underestimate the havoc he can wreak in our lives. He is a created being that has more wisdom than humans. Therefore, the only way we can successfully beat him is in Christ, which leads me to the greatest nugget in this book. God hid his redemptive plan of the Messiah’s first coming in himself. Therefore, he did not have to force or coerce Satan to crucify the Messiah; he automatically went in for the kill due to his rebellious character of opposing everything that looks like God resulting in his defeat. Check it out it will change your mindset.

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