Nelson's Littel Book of Where To Find It in the Bilbe Paperback- September 13, 2001
By Ken Anderson (Author)
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Whether you’re a brand-new Christian or a decades-long believer, today’s issues may seem far removed from those in biblical times. NelsonLittle Book of Where to Find It in the Bible is an A to Z reference dictionary with quick access to scripture-based answers of almost any question you can imagine. Simple to use, it tackles traditional and 21st century issues without heavy theological language. This travel-sized book is bursting with information yet compact enough to fit in your pocket. You will laugh at its one-liners and illustrated jokes as it points you to God’s Word. Companion to the New King James Version, King James Version, New International Version, and other translations.


  • Readily accessible
  • Works with many translations
  • Easy-to-read
  • Completely illustrated
Teresa Powell

a must for help

if you want to know something you can look up anything for anyway you are feeling

margaret s.rainey

The book is nice but way too small

I was under the impression that this was a full size book.It's not.It is about the size of an index card at 5 1/2 " tall and 3 1/2" wide.Print is so small I have to use a magnifier.There is no mention in the description that it is so small....smaller than a paperback. The book that I received is titled'Little book of where to.....'There is no"little" in the title of the one shown here. The book is nice but way too small.

paul sellers

Not So Good

I have searched at least six key words and none of them are in this book. Holy, Holy Spirit, Spirit and gifts related to gifts of the Spirit are not included. I am disappointed that 309 page book in small type does not contain more specific references.

Jack H

It's great to have this in electronic format. This is one of those books every Christian should have with them at all times.

I don't know if I've just missed it up to now or if it really is a new release, but I was so happy to see this finally available on the Kindle! I have the print daughter has the small print version...and now I can have it on my tablet and phone so it's with me where ever I go. This is a great book for finding verses and passages about certain topics in the Bible. Want to know what the Bible has to say about loneliness? Just click on the word in the table of contents and it takes you to two pages of references, everything from feeling like nobody likes or cares for you to how being alone can help you find a deeper communion with God. Each section also ends with "other topics" that are related and may help you find the answers you're looking for. For example, the section on "alcohol" ends with references to abstinence, beer, drunkenness, liquor, and wine. This is a really helpful book for pastors, councilors, or just a friend trying to help a friend. Besides the Bible itself, this is probably the most important book for anyone to have with them. For yourself or helping you to help others, this can really help you find the passages in the Bible that you know are there but just can't quite remember the Book and Chapter.

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ESIN 10101010
Series Nelson's Little Books
Page 320 Pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson; Poc edition (September 15, 2001) (September 15, 2001)
Language English
ISBN 10 0785247084
ISBN 13 978-0785247081
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Vendido por Eishops
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Publish Date September 15, 2001

About The Author

Ken Anderson was a free-lance writer for more than half a century, authoring some forty books, hundreds of magazine articles and short stories. He was also active in the production of motion pictures and videos.